Magdalena Szkudlarek

Business Development Director

Magdalena Szkudlarek – Business Development Director in SPS Powerhouse, PhD in political science, specialist in EU law and international humanitarian law, translator of Turkish language.

Prior to her career at SPS group, she fulfilled herself as an academic researcher, both at Polish and Turkish universities. At the same time, she operated an office providing Turkish and English translation, primarily in the fields of law and the social sciences and humanities (although she also has experience in the mining and extractive industries).


After more than a decade of success (enriched with some failures), she decided to try her hand in the private sector and use her skills to support the family business. Driven by the rapid growth of SPS group, she now devotes most of her professional attention to the challenges of Business Development at SPS Tax & Law, SPS Finance and MyVisa project. She deals with strategic development of the company, image shaping, recruitment projects and everything that no one else does.


As an avid travel lover, she has toured all around the world – from Indonesia to Cuba. Although she loves the family business truly and deeply, La Palma is closer to her heart and  she intends to spend much of her life there, mainly climbing more mountain peaks. A growing advocate of work-life balance, she tries to remember that work is only a means to an end, not an end itself.


She is fluent in Turkish and English. She also can communicate in Korean  (though she doesn’t boast about that yet).