Monika Pawłowska-Bielas

Lawyer/Senior Associate

A lawyer with many years of professional experience, she graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, Wrocław University. Currently, she is a 4th-year doctoral student at the Chair of Criminal Procedure, Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University, Kraków. She is working now on her doctoral dissertation, ‘Medical Professionals’ Duty to Report’, under the supervision of Prof. Adam Górski. 


She set out on her professional career already as a law student, gaining experience in various areas of law such as Criminal Law and Procedure in the Kłodzko District Court, transmission servitude in one of the leading Wrocław law firms of attorneys-at-law, Family Law in its international dimension or Business Law with a special emphasis on the Law of Contract. Moreover, she honed her practical skills in the course of an advocate’s traineeship she completed at the Wrocław Regional Bar Council.


Ms. Pawłowska-Bielas has supplemented a degree in law with language training in order to be able to provide legal services to people who do not speak Polish. She is fluent in English and holds a Cambridge language certificate to prove it. In addition, she has completed a course in English legal terminology. German and French are the other languages that she can speak. 


Her scholarly interests concentrate on Medical Law with a special focus on the doctor-patient privilege as seen from her doctoral dissertation. She combines her passion for languages and law by studying selected Medical Law aspects in other countries. This spawned the scholarly publication Hipokrates przed sądem, czyli tajemnica lekarska w prawie niemieckim. (Nowa Kodyfikacja Prawa Karnego 2016, Vol. XLI, pp.137–149). [Hippocrates on Trial or doctor-patient privilege in German law]. 


At SPS Tax & Law, she concentrates on Corporate and Contract Law. In addition, being a specialist in Medical Law, she is responsible for serving clients providing healthcare.