About us

At SPS Tax & Law we combine many years of professional experience from our law partners and their unique skills, including above all proficiency in Korean. We specialise in providing legal and tax services to MSEs, focusing chiefly on businesses with Korean capital and effectively assisting them to enter and operate on the European market. The top quality of our services is ensured by the many years of experience SPS Tax & Law partners have gained, working for reputable legal offices and tax consultancies. We owe our competitive edge to knowledge gained in running our own businesses in South Korea and Poland. All this puts us in the position where we can understand better what an entrepreneur needs and, consequently, use optimal and safe solutions. This, in turn, results in higher profits for our clients. The SPS Tax & Law staff of attorneys-at-law and tax advisers, when suggesting to their clients legal solutions to their problems, always keep in mind the business results that may ensue from these solutions.