Korean Desk

SPS Tax & Law specialises in providing legal and tax assistance to Korean investors. The Korean Desk is headed by Paweł Szkudlarek, an attorney-at law, who is fluent in Korean, including legal and business registers. Thanks to the knowledge of Korean culture and business ethics, we are able to provide legal assistance, meeting even the most demanding expectations of clients. 


The Korean Desk has helped dozens of Korean investors with starting a business in Poland and running it successfully. The extensive experience of our lawyers and many years of working together with businesses from Korea and knowledge of their culture make us not only legal advisers, but also business ones perfectly suited to assist our clients in all aspects of investing and running a business in Poland.

To our Korean clients, we can offer:


  • Services in Korean
  • Assistance in establishing a company necessary to do business in Poland
  • Advice on all stages of an investment process
  • Assistance in legalising residence and work
  • Everyday legal and tax advice, including cross-border tax avoidance
  • Assistance in trade negotiations