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SPS Tax & Law was founded following many years of professional experience, merging both the work experience and unique skills of the individual partners, as well as their collective fluency in Korean and Russian.

We specialize in legal and tax services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with a special emphasis on businesses with Korean and Ukrainian capital. We effectively help these businesses operate in the European market.

SPS Tax & Law's guarantee of high quality services is backed by years of professional experience, gained by the partners during their time with renowned law and tax consulting firms.

Our unique advantage is in the business experience acquired while operating our own companies in South Korea, the United Kingdom and Ukraine. These experiences enable us to better understand the needs of the entrepreneur and consequently apply secure and optimum solutions, translating into greater profits for our clients.

The SPS Tax & Law team is comprised of legal and tax advisors who provide clients with legal solutions to their problems, always in view of the potential business implications of the solutions.


Bartłomiej Przyborowski

Legal Counsel

Bartłomiej Przyborowski is a graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. With five languages under his belt (English, Russian, Spanish and German as well as Polish), his experience with renowned law and tax consulting firms as well as with managing an international trading company, enable him to combine the scrupulousness of a professional lawyer and the creativity of an experienced entrepreneur.

In SPS Tax & Law he mainly deals with issues related to commercial and economic law as well as international tax structures.

Bartłomiej Przyborowski is responsible for contacts with Ukrainian clients.




Paweł Szkudlarek

Legal Counsel / Head of Korean Desk

He is a member of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Poznan, Koreanist and entrepreneur. Graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty and the Faculty of Modern Languages at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, he received a scholarship from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. He also completed courses in finance at Yale University and the University of Michigan.

Being involved with Korea for more than 10 years, he is an author of publications on issues of human rights in the Korean Peninsula.

Prior to the foundation of SPS Tax & Law, he worked with the law firms specialized in services for large foreign entities and in one of the leading Korean chaebol corporations.

Combining his long-term experience in working with Korean business as a partner and the profound knowledge of Korean etiquette, work system and mentality, for years he has been successfully advising Korean companies, especially those in manufacturing and financial sectors.

He specializes in commercial and labor law as well as corporate finances.

He speaks Korean and English fluently.


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Piotr Szkudlarek

Legal Counsel / Tax Advisor

Piotr Szkudlarek is a graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. During his studies he completed an internship at Poland’s largest tax con- sulting rm. His professional career began immediately after the completion of his law studies in 2006, at one of Poznan’s tax consulting companies. In cooperation with renowned law rms in Poznan, Szkudlarek has been providing ongoing legal and tax services for business entities with primarily foreign capital for years.

He specializes in tax and economic law, with a focus on labor and contract law.

Piotr Szkudlarek also has many years of experience in legal dis- putes and in representing clients before civil, arbitration and administrative courts as well as public authorities.

He is fluent in English.



Commercial and corporate law

Tax Law

Tax optimization

Labor law

International trade

Debt collection

EU funds

Commercial and corporate law

Tax Law

Tax optimization

Labor law

International trade

Debt collection

EU funds

Commercial and corporate law

Every business decision, even the smallest one, implies both legal and tax consequences. The task of SPS Tax & Law is to assist clients at every stage of business activity starting from the moment of its establishment through, among others, choosing the most optimal form and ultimately to the process of its liquidation.

The offer includes in particular:

  • Creating economic structures, in particular, commercial law companies with regard to potential tax benefits,
  • Preparation, evaluation and negotiation of trade agreements,
  • Development of intra-corporate acts,
  • Legal and tax due diligence,
  • Transformation, restructuring and liquidation of commercial law companies,
  • Representing clients in proceedings before public administration authorities as well as before common and administrative courts,
  • Informing on anticipated legislative changes.

Tax Law

SPS Tax & Law, within the framework of services provided, guarantees its clients the assistance of tax advisers, which saves time and costs associated with the need to obtain separate legal and tax analysis.

Our offer includes, among others:

  • Consulting in all tax aspects of business activity, particularly when it comes to VAT, CIT and PIT,
  • Providing optimized audit covering due diligence and identifying areas of potential tax risk as well as identification of activities to reduce this risk,
  • Providing services regarding transfer pricing, including preparation of transfer pricing documentation,
  • Providing transaction consulting services regarding document analysis and the assessment of tax consequences of the transactions,
  • Representing the client in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts,
  • Preparing applications for individual tax interpretations.

Tax optimization

SPS Tax & Law offers services related to tax optimization of enterprises including international investment strategies and creation of optimal tax capital structures. Having expanded the network of direct contacts in jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Latvia and other so-called tax havens for a long time, we are able to offer our clients the best and safe solution.

Labor law

In state-of-the-art management of enterprises, the key issues are relationships with employees that generally correspond with the work atmosphere, general satisfaction, greater productivity and profits for the employer.

Our activities ensure strengthened business security, better relationships with employees as well as achievement of the desired business objective.

The scope of consulting services includes:

  • Optimizing forms of employment and working time systems,
  • Drafting contracts with employees, including non-competition contracts,
  • Drafting and establishing employee documentation, regulations, instructions and directives,
  • Representing and resolving of labor disputes,
  • Providing assistance in conducting collective redundancies,
  • Representing in court disputes with employees,
  • Providing assistance in legalization of work and residence of foreigners working in Poland.

Debt collection

Effective debt collection is one of the basic elements to maintain the financial liquidity of companies. Many years of experience allow the law firm to offer our clients the solutions that result in achieving promising results in terms of effective collection as well as the time and costs of the proceedings.

Our activity includes, in particular:

  • Auditing procedures used by the client in order to obtain better results of potential court and debt collection proceedings,
  • Negotiating with debtors on the method and date of repayment,
  • Preparing a draft for out-of-court settlement,
  • Sending payment requests and monitoring of payments by debtors,
  • Providing the possibility of using the “SPS Tax & Law’s seal” on VAT invoices and bills for regular clients so that contractors are informed that the client’s receivables are under the law firm’s protection,
  • Representing clients in court proceedings in a manner which minimizes the costs and reduces the time of the proceedings, e.g. obtaining payment orders in payment-order proceedings and filing lawsuits to courts in smaller towns which usually do not have a high caseload,
  • Actively participating in debt collection proceeding conducted by proven and trusted bailiffs,
  • Pursuing claims from members of management boards of companies,
  • Representing a client in bankruptcy proceedings including filing debtors’ bankruptcy petitions.

International trade

The experience of the law firm partners in cooperating with international businesses and consulting companies enables us to support clients in operations on foreign markets. The service of SPS Tax & Law focuses primarily on Korean, Ukrainian and British markets.

Advisory services include:

  • Creating international capital structures,
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts in international trade context,
  • Securing international transactions (letters of credit, trust accounts, transport insurance contracts, etc.),
  • Assisting customs law matters.

EU funds

SPS Tax & Law, in cooperation with one of the country's leading company in acquisition of EU funds and alternative funding sources, guarantees its clients that the entire process of applying for funding from Community funds will be completed in a smooth and positive manner.

Country Desks

Korean Desk

Ukrainian Desk

Korean Desk

The Republic of Korea is a longtime and the largest Asian investor in Poland. The Korean Desk team has extensive experience in strategic consulting for Korean investments. The experts of SPS Tax & Law are very familiar with the Korean culture of doing business and have vast consulting experience in the area of business, labor and tax law.

Korean clients include companies from the manufacturing, finance, IT and to the service sector, among others.

Ukrainian Desk

Legal counsel Bartłomiej Przyborowski deals with our clients from beyond the eastern border of Poland. Not only can he fluently speak Russian Language, he also has overarching business experience in cooperating with Ukrainian companies, which makes him one of the most prominent and competent lawyers in the field.

We offer our Ukrainian clients services primarily related to the assistance in starting a business in the EU countries, drafting commercial contracts and providing assistance when migration of legal persons to Poland is needed.


SPS Tax & Law advises on 59 million PLN worth investment.13 April 2016

Korean Desk team led by Pawel Szkudlarek advises in the investment process for two Korean companies from the automotive industry. The investment includes the construction of two factories (steering gear and aluminium components) in Żarów in the the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone (WSSE). The whole investment shall be completed by the end of December 2017.

Cooperation between Argentina and Great Poland region1 April 2016

SPS Tax & Law is always open for cooperation with customers from all around the world. Therefore, we could not miss an opportunity to participate in a seminar organized by the Marshal Office of Wielkopolska in Poznan. The topic of the seminary was the collaboration of Wielkopolska Voivodship with Argentina. Along with the election of the new president Mauricio Macri, Argentina reopened herself once again for international markets. Exporters and investors are also looking with great interest into Polish market. We also look forward to strengthening the economic ties between the two countries. Our law firm offers legal and tax advice in Spanish which resulted in gaining trust from our current partners from the South America region and we look forward to the new ones.

Confederation of Ukrainian business6 March 2016

SPS Tax & Law representative in Kiev had the honor to sign a cooperation agreement with the Ukrainian Business Confederation represented by Mr Oleg Vostrycha. This organization brings together a number of active small and medium-sized enterprises interested in developing their businesses in the EU. Thanks to partnership with our firm, the Confederation member companies shall expect preferential treatment in the scope of tax - legal services as well as a professional assistance in finding business contacts in the EU.


The 9th Ukraine – Europe Forum29 January 2016

The 9th Ukraine - Europe Forum which took place from 24th to 26th of January in Lodz, was a great opportunity to discuss the cooperation possibilities between Ukraine and the EU, especially in the context of the association agreement which entered into force on the 1st of January 2016. Very interesting and informative discussion panels moderated by ministers, parliament members and businessmen from Ukraine, Poland as well as other EU member countries, helped our team to understand even better the vast potential in relation development with Ukraine.

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SPS Tax & Law becomes a member of The Polish – Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce14 December 2015

We would like to proudly announce our access to the Polish - Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The membership in the Chamber is another result of our law firm's increasing business activity in the scope of developing economic cooperation with our eastern neighbor. The Reliable Partner in Business Certificate issued by the Chamber is an additional confirmation that SPS Tax & Law is the right choice for managing investments related to Ukraine.

Izba ceryfikatIzba członkostwo

CPhI Worldwide in Madrid16 October 2015
Bartłomiej Przyborowski (SPS Tax & Law partner) participated in the world’s largest pharmaceutical exhibition - CPhI Worldwide in Madrid (13rd ~ 15th of October). We are happy to announce, that during a meeting our client, a Ukrainian cardiac drugs manufacturer, signed a new partnership agreement with a Spanish pharmaceutical company.
Chuseok25 September 2015
SPS Tax & Law team would like to give their best wishes to all our Korean partners celebrating Chuseok.
Legal Day in Ukraine18 September 2015
New office14 July 2015
Due to a constant growth of our law firm, we are happy to announce that we are moving to a new office. Starting from the 14th of July 2015 our head office will be located at Wyspiańskiego 10/5 in Poznan. Please also check our new, user-friendly, multilingual official website.


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